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About Heidi Lavon

Getting to know me

I was born in Arizona and raised in Alaska until the age of 18. From the ages of 18 to 20 I did a bit of traveling throughout Arizona and New York until finally settling in the Pacific Northwest around 2007. The Portland Oregon area to be more specific. I had already done a little bit of modeling previously at a younger age, but only ever for fun. I didn’t take that serious until some years later.

During the time of settling into my new home in Oregon, I was also finishing Cosmetology school with a focus on Hair Design.  Originally I had started with barbering, but later transitioned more into creative color which is what I now specialize in these days through my profession as a working Hair Stylist. As I worked full time in the beauty industry, I also became more and more heavily influenced by my surroundings. Living in such a free, beautiful, and colorful place has been very inspiring for me as an artist, and as a model. I’ve always been described as a little “crazy” and “outspoken” so living in and around the Portland area felt very natural for me.

I started collecting more and more artwork in the form of tattoos.  The more artwork I acquired while modeling, the more attention it gave me from people in the tattoo community. Soon there after I was fortunate enough to have some really amazing opportunities from globally recognized tattoo magazines, major brands and businesses, photographers, and other innovative creators who wanted to collaborate with me.

Since then, I have gone onto traveling across the United States working different tattoo conventions, modeling, and building content for various platforms. In recent years, I dove deeper into my passion for photography to quench my thirst for creativity. Working on both sides of the lens for me was something that I’ve always wanted to do even from the get go.  My persistent spirit and outspoken nature has recently landed me as a now contributing writer for Skin Art magazine, where I talk about various tattoo related stories via my column “Heidi’s Universe” where topics are entirely infinite.  I am humbled and grateful to be part of the tattoo community, and very excited to share with you other peoples accounts and life experiences. Tattooing STILL has a stigma attached to it, and isn’t recognized by everyone that it IS in fact fine art. These days I spend the majority of my time working from home so I have more free time with the love of my life, and my furry companions.

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