Where were you born and raised?
I was born in Casa Grande, Arizona…but right after I was born, I moved with my family to Fairbanks, Alaska.  A small little town, that gets to be up to 50 below.

Insane right?  Lets just say I know how to be resourceful when it comes to survival mode.  While everyone was busy enjoying their lovely day at the park, I was getting busy having bon fire parties on frozen rivers.  It gets real beautiful in Alaska in the summer time though.  Almost 100 degrees. I actually had a heat stroke one summer a couple years back and had to go to the doctor.

I do visit Arizona quite often though.  My moms whole side is from there, so I have friends and family to see when I go and visit.  Its a different world in Arizona.  I mostly visit the Phoenix area.

If I wasn’t living in Portland, Oregon right now, I’d be in Phoenix. Hell city baby.

Growing up were there any people that influenced your decision on getting a tattoo?
To be honest I listened to a ton of death metal growing up.  As well as old school rap.  I also would flip through tattoo magazines at the corner market store and see a bunch of beautiful tattooed babes and thought to myself…. “wow, I want to look JUST like that.”

I remember seeing girls with their whole throats tattooed, hands, arms, etc.  I was most drawn to women with very large chest tattoos.  That’s where I got my very first tattoo in fact.  Above my upper left breast.  A sacred frozen heart in flames.  It was a spin off a very old 36 crazyfists album cover from like 14 years ago.  A bunch of dirty dirty old school rap, death metal defiance and a bunch of hot tattooed babes from a centerfold. Now hows that for influence? haha

What made you decide to take the plunge and get your first one?
I had been oogling tattooed women in magazines and alover the internet since I can even remember.  I grew up in a small town, so there was only two shops.  Every time I would pass by in a car or on my bike, I’d always envy all the shop kids sitting outside smoking cigarettes looking awesome and colorful.  I got a tattoo as soon as I could.  On my 18th birthday.  My best friend took me in, and the rest is history.

Do you have a favorite tattoo, and does it have a meaning behind it?
I have many favorites.  Its almost hard to pick out the one I love the most.  I sure know which one has the most meaning though.

Its a portrait tattoo done by one of my awesome artists here in Portland, Oregon by the name of Bob Jones.  Peep his work, he’s good people.

The portrait is of my then boyfriend of five years.  He passed away about a year and a half ago.  He was such a great person, I loved him and still love him and his family very much.

He was a roadie, a music junkie, a horticulturist, traveler, mr. idea man, and loved kids and animals probably more than most people I know to this day.

Traveled the world making music, helping with music, and really touched peoples hearts.  I have the script “we’ll figure it out” written right below his portrait because any time we ever faced a problem or something bad would happen he always said “we’ll figure it out.”  And every time, we did.

How did you get into modeling?
I’m asked this question a lot, and I really try my damn hardest to recreate my answer in different ways so I do not answer the same every time.

Plain and simple…it all started living in Phoenix.  I had friends who dabbled in photography for fun. and for shooting bmx with their friends.  They shot a few photos of me here and there, but it really didn’t take off til about five years ago when I moved to Portland, Oregon and my life changed forever.

A friend now, and photographer, had sent me an email via facebook.  Telling me she dug my photos and wanted to get me into her studio.

How could I resist?  I was kind of nervous at first, but I loosened up as we progressed.

That was five years ago.  I cannot even begin to express and explain the HARD tremendous amount of work I have put into my career as a model.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the finest photographers in my opinion that roam the earth today.  I’ve had magazine covers, features alover the globe including internationally Australia. Poland, and Hungary, walked runways, worn latex, been dusted in flour, fake blood, mud, and god knows what else, made connections with clothing companies, businesses, and artists from alover the place, modeled with taxidermy, skulls, live animals… ETC!!!! Its one thing I’ve learned in this industry, and its to PUSH hard and make ish happen for yourself.  You can’t sit around and expect to get published because you have a rad photo.  Reach out, and push the boundaries, open up your mouth and mind to people, take constructive criticism and turn it into positive reinforcement.   Not only am I a model, but I above all else am a BUSINESS WOMAN.

Honestly, there are a ton of rad WELL-KNOWN models out there that most girls would say are their “inspiration”….

the “celebrity alt models” if you would…. but I don’t seek inspiration in that department.  I seek inspiration in myself.  Also in my friends, family, and my Lord.  I take those words of encouragement and positivity from them, and run with it.  I have a TON of emails on the daily from women who want to be a model AND current models who ask me how I did it, or what I did to achieve my rewards today.  I tell them this every time.  “do not be a replica of who you admire…instead, take some of those qualities and channel them into the best person or model you can be.  Create your own universe and person, and everything else will follow.

What projects are you currently working on?
I have a few publications/covers/features coming out in the next couple of months.  Just scored a feature in Bound By Ink issue 15.  That’s been one of my dreams as a model to have!

Also doing a rad photo project with Casey Grant out of Olympia, Washington.  Its called the Portland Famous Series.  About 12-13 Portland models coming together for one big masterpiece which will soon be displayed as art in a gallery.  I’m also doing some latex stuff for September, and shooting some promo and merch stuff for a few different companies.  I like to stay busy.  Idle hands are the devils playground.


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