“Hey man! My names Heidi Lavon – I’m a hairstylist, photographer, and tattoo model from Alaska living in the Pacific Northwest. Around Portland to be exact. I’m not sure if I’m able to send in my OWN page to be featured on your blog but I’d love the chance! I’ve been around for the last decade or so – grown myself a little instagram army and just wanted an opportunity to perhaps have a little press of me out there! Maybe reach anyone who gives a shit and / or has similar lifestyle choices etc! Anyways! Thanks so much for your time! :)”

“Thanks Heidi! Good stuff, maybe more will send in their pages to be featured after seeing this. Hope you pic up some new followers from Houston. Thanks for reaching out!” ~Rod

If you have an Instagram that you would like us to feature send link to Rod@thebuzz.com and tell me WHY I should run it.

Here is Heidi and why she has 587 thousand followers.


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