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About Heidi Lavon

Heidi Lavon is an internationally published model & photographer known best for her role within the tattoo industry. She has been featured on the cover and across every major tattoo publication. With over 14 years of experience in the beauty industry as a licensed Hair Stylist,  she continues to put her passion and energy into everything she touches and does. 

Recognized for her outspoken and tenacious personality, she has amassed an audience well over a million which explains why you can find her on almost every platform there is including Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even TikTok.

In addition to her list of achievements, Heidi is also a contributing writer for Skin Art magazine where she writes a tattoo culture column called “Heidis Infinite Universe”. Sharing stories and interviewing people within her community and industry is something she finds extremely rewarding and educational.

After getting her hands into almost every avenue possible, she now embarks out on her new venture and chapter in life with “The Exposure Therapy Podcast” where she and her fiancé as well as business partner James Ramsey, both take you behind the scenes within the world of modeling, photography, and what its really like to work as a successful couple in the business of social media. 

She enjoys spending the majority of her time at home in her new house and home studio with her feathered friends and partner, although she still travels from time to time to select shows, conventions, and photo shoots.

Follow Heidi on all of her social media platforms to see what she’s up to and where she’s traveling to next. 

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