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About Heidi Lavon

Getting to know me

“Crazy, intense, energetic, loud, outspoken,” take your pick. Words that people have used to describe me throughout life. Sometimes used in a derogatory way, other times used to compliment. I walk to the beat of my OWN drum. I’ve got one big personality, and will always remain unapologetic myself. I’m driven, passionate and focused on my goals. I believe these unique qualities are what has shaped me into who I am today. A DIRECT reflection and outcome of my successes in life thus far. Never allow ANYONE to tell you HOW to be, how to look, or how you should live your life. You write the story to your own life, not them. OWN IT!!

I am originally from Alaska. A multi-faceted artist and over all content creator. Known best for my role in the tattoo industry & community. Internationally published tattoo model, photographer and contributing writer for Skin Art magazine where I talk about various tattoo related stories via my column “Heidi’s Universe” where topics are infinite.

Over the last 5 years I’ve been fortunate enough to have some amazing opportunities partnering with global brands. Featured on the covers of major tattoo publications, as well as working alongside and collaborating with other innovative companies/ brands.

Besides that aspect of my life, I have proudly been in the beauty industry for over the last 12+ years. Starting out as a barber, but later transitioned more into creative color which is what I now specialize in these days through my profession as a working Hair Stylist. I love spending the majority of my time working from home so I have more free time with my partner and my furry companions. Although, you can still catch me traveling on occasion for conventions, photoshoots, and special events.  Follow me on my social media to see what town and events I’m heading to next!!

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